The suggestion is simple... title says it all.

This has been a problem for a long time, probably since launch, but let me explain how it has affected me lately...

First, I hope Trion management agrees that 2.0 was disastrous for warrior tanks. Further the perceived weakness of our ranged dps (regardless of whether it was ever even true), the liability of having warriors use our melee specs, and the total failure of BM as a support role leads raid leaders scratching their head as to why even bring warriors along at all.

My guild made the decision to limit warriors to 3 per 20m, didn't want warrior tanks because of bugs and misdesign, and asked a cleric and rogue to tank mainspec long term. I used to be warrior MT, and now I am on a bench rotation for a dps role that I never wanted (and forced to be ranged which I certainly never wanted). Potentially 2.1 fixed warrior tanks to make them competitive (equal), but what now? Ask the cleric and rogue main spec tanks to step aside for warrior tanks who lack any advantage or reason that could justify their replacement? Actually, there are still better reasons to to have the rogue and clerics as tanks that are beyond just mitigation.

But that's all fine and dandy... Trion will fix it in 2.2 and put warrior tanks on top... right?! Forget it. Why waste my time and patience holding my breath just to see that RL decision won't be swayed by changes that lack any real substance in justifying having a warrior tank rather than a cleric or rogue? There are other games out there I can play, fun games... and you know how much fun I have been having since I dinged 60? It would be in the negatives, because the frustrations have greatly outweighed any fun that I have had. I should commend the devs that put together the content in the two new continents, I did have a lot of fun from 50-59... but how many of them even still work at Trion?

So what could have prevented this? Trion management needs to take a serious look at the process the devs take before pushing content live and outline requirements that could mitigate the potential for launching prematurely before sufficient changes and fixes are complete. There needs to be an emphasis on the content being "good" not "fast". I understand that is Trion's claimed competitive advantage, but you need to find a better balance before you start seeing subs from one class begin a mass exodus to a game that gets it. Additionally, there seems to be more interface needed between devs who design raid encounters, dungeons, and class mechanics. One thing you might consider is to restructure the class devs and make them tanking, melee dps , healing, and ranged dps leads to get a bit more consistency and balance.