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Thread: Improve the game, get us involved

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    Default Improve the game, get us involved

    So I am reading all these forums posts and there are lots of them about how to improve the game. So here is a suggestion that could make your game stand out, get the playerbase involved (or reinvolved, if you will.)

    For instance, This Thread asks that you all fix the various items still floating in the air. Well, this is an easy fix. Get your community Manager to make a one day fun day. Promote it, give rewards, and get the customer base to help identify all these floating objects. Offer something substantial to players to get off their lazy butts to help out. Something like a last name or a xp pot that gives 100x xp for 1 kill, or dimension items. THe suggestions for the rewards could go on and on.

    The simple focus of this thread is, if **** is broken in game and you want help with it, then just ask.

    Get us involved, make some sparkly crap that people can collect and most of us will be more than happy to help you identify your problems. I spent a ton of time in beta doing nothing but finding bugs and reporting them. Have active Devs not just in chat channels, but in the world jumping around to places identified with the current problems. All I want is a game that make me feel like I am actively in the world.

    Every month or so do a new event for a new problem. Bots, plane clipping, floaties, CQ AFK'ers, whatever your poison.
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    Wouldn't that just cause a lot of false reports though, because people want shiney fluffy stuff?
    There might already be some false reporting going on, but I could easily imagine people just reporting for the sake of reporting to get the shineyfluff. At least when people do it on their own it's usually serious.

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