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Thread: Please Trion, combat the botters at Citizens Library Onslaught!

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    Default Please Trion, combat the botters at Citizens Library Onslaught!

    At the Citizens Library onslaught literally every single person are either AFK or using scripts to farm xp by auto casting spells that will tag mobs. These are keyboard scripts that will autopress a key at a defined interval. This is keybound to a heal or aoe spell macro and allows full xp contribution to mobs while the player is AFK. It's not even subtle and it's a slap in the face for players who genuinely want to play. Does Trion have plans to combat this issue or is this part of the game now?

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    We aren't seeing this on Faeblight, which shards are seeing all these?
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    There are a lot of them on Icewatch.

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