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Thread: more role slots please

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    Default more role slots please

    The addition of another soul and the numerous combinations that they brought with them..has left my friends and I, with quite a role slot 'crunch'. I know we can respec for 1 plat..and we do, often..however, since we've started raiding, needing a range dps, melee dps(which is top dps for mages /boggle), ae dps, a heal spec and archon..leaves us with no free slot for expirementation, as we also have a solo spec..that is not suitable for raiding.

    To compound the shortfall of only 6 roles, some specs are horrid at target switching or fights with any disconnects, some are good for burst damage..but aren't good for anything else, I could very easily use 8 roles, and would be merely comfortable with 10.

    As I see the sitation..the solution is not to simply require constant respeccing..that's annoying(resetting hotkeys and macros is time consuming and just bothersome), but to either allow more role slots, or to make every calling have a raid viable general purpose spec/soul where consistent damage is viable, burst is good..it's not canned by disconnects or high movement and is competitive in all areas for dps, that way I wouldn't need 3 -4 dps specs for every raid and some dungeons...thanks!
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