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Thread: What about the pets ? ='/

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    Default What about the pets ? ='/

    I see update after update

    - There be content for the raider's
    - There be content for the PvP crowd
    - There be content for the fluffy maniac's

    But i ask thee what about the regular pet's ?

    For example this one


    He is called Ace

    He enjoy's swashbuckling and backstabbing critter's

    As you can see Ace is usually a happy - go - skeleton though due the lack of viable raid specs that utilize pets, he has become abit sad =./

    Thus i am here on his behalf to ask for a raid viable pet build

    It doesnt need to be top damage but still be able to do enough damage that it doesnt get turned down on raids.

    This could be achieved by atleast three options:

    1. New Tier of Pets for 61 point

    2. Modifying the talents that the soul would have buffs that would increase the damage, add proc to regular attacks, add new abilities, shield the pet, boost a stat of the pet ect. Basically the player would be archon for the pet

    3. Hybrid mix of the previous solutions, which i assume could be the best solution. In this scenario the pet would be the main source of the souls damage, for example even 80-90% of the damage done would come from the pet when it is buffed / those buffs are maintained by the player.

    Naturally all these options would include certain amount of work though i am certain all the players who enjoy pet souls aswell as their pets would be eternally thankful ;)

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    The Necromancer rogue pet did not get a buff because they wanted to encourage the use of the Harbinger soul, would be my guess. I played around with my Necro build while leveling and putting some points into Harb before this dawned on me. Being melee (Harb) and having a rogue pet was completely superfluous

    The Necro tank pet is stronger and better at holding aggro than it used to be, and the mage pet got a nice Aid the Master buff; 10% dmg increase iirc.

    I only point these out because you bring out your skeleton and that coincides with the fact that Necromancer is my favorite spec. Having said that, all the pet perks that you listed re: buffs, procs, dmg increases, etc, can also be found in Elementalist.

    To be frank though, people are a lot more likely to want Ele over Necro in raids.
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    Actually I'm glad you brought that up I say I'm glad you brought that up. For what trions mad cap dash to promote the new souls they negated the pet souls! (except druid, that's almost a decent soul) This has caused them to fall even further away from them being viable for raids because you spend half your time buffing up your pet but they still don't even do 50% of what you do. Taking this factor into account I have an idea... 2 pets at once!

    When you have both pets out at once your dps would go from 35% of how much you do to about 70%! It opens up a world of possibilities as you could get em at 54 pints or something then you get related spells. For example if one dies the other could fly into a blind rage doing 50% more damage as yes pets do tend to act as fodder in raids. Or maybe they could channel power into you or sacrifice themselves to resurrect you at 25% health.

    If needed there could be a restriction on which pets you summon at once like -


    Water ele + air ele
    Fire ele + air ele
    Water ele + earth el


    Revenant + zealot
    Zealot + knight


    Healing faerie + faerie seer
    Faerie seer + satyr destroyer
    Faerie healer + satyr destroyer


    Pig + wolf
    Wolf + raptor


    Errr... They should add another spirit beast :P
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