Would anybody like the Conquest Factions to have more effect on the PvE world storyline?

Imagine the conquest Factions, getting PvE quest, and even cities.

of Course players still neutral to the factions, but the dimensional war storyline can be displayed more in the PvE world.

I would really like to see something like that.

Maybe even having something like PvP Rift and PvP zone Invasions, based on Conquest Factions instead of the PvE faction.

I would like to move away from the Defiant vs Guardian war. just have not been as interesting as Alliance vs Horde been in Vanilla WoW.

Glad they neutralized those two PvE factions. Rather go three faction rout when it comes to PvP. And developing a interesting storyline for the Dimensional PvP factions, could add some faction pride to PvP with a great storyline like WoW and DAoC does.