My guild only has a couple people in it, we're level 7 and we've been around since launch. Really, just a couple friends and I. It's really hard to finish guild quests, sometimes it takes 2 weeks (as in, we just miss turnover by a day) to do a close 50 rifts or kill 1000 foes type quest, and I'm the only one who currently does any warfront PVP. So now that we finally finished our planar foes quest this week yesterday, I have 1 day to bang out a PVP quest before turnover. If we could have had 2 active at once, I'd have finished the PVP quest over the weekend while others did the planar stuff.

I realize that you don't want quests to come too easily but for very small, very low-level guilds it would be a big help. So I thought maybe you could allow 3 quests from level 1 to level 5, then 2 from level 6 to 10, and then 1 at a time after that.