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Thread: Have Old Raids Give Infinity Stones

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    Default Have Old Raids Give Infinity Stones

    Would give us a reason to pew pew through them when we are bored.

    IE: Tier 1 10 man = 10 Stones, 20 man = 20 stones. Tier 2 10 man = 20 stones, 20 man = 30 stones.

    Something, IDK. At the current rate they are 100% useless. Don't put all that hard work into those raids to make them worthless.
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    I was thinking similarly about the "old" world events- when Lv 51+ mentors down to 50, IS being awarded for running the high level old world events.

    There is so little variety in the SL events, what, 2 per zone? Getting to them is expensive, and getting around in the new zones is a real pain. I miss the old world stuff. It was all tons more fun. The new events are not fun, IMO. They feel chorish to me. There must be others like me who don't/can't run dungeons and raids, and this added variety would be a vigil-send.
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