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Thread: Dimension Welcome Messages

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    Default Dimension Welcome Messages

    Annalea and myself (credit to Anna for the idea!) think it would be a neat and simple addition to have and editable welcome message that would display for someone whenever they entered your dimension. Sort of like a Message of the Day, but for dimensions only.

    So if you were offline and someone was visiting, the message could...
    • Direct people to points of interest.
    • Give a brief background story if applicable.
    • Thank others for visiting and encourage them to +1
    • Advertise the owner's dimension-building skills.
    • ... Etc!

    Either way I feel like it would be simple enough to implement. Not looking for a raid-warning type text, just a little message that pops up in the chat bar, similar to a Message of the Day.


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    I would love to have something like this. It's similar to the guestbook/chalkboard idea, but seems to be something that'd make use of stuff that's already in existence. Yes please!
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    As long as the message doesn't pop up every time you enter the dimension (first time only, unless the message changes, then maybe have a button you can click to read it again?), this sounds really helpful.

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    I don't like the welcome pop-up idea so much but a "bio" you can write on the dimension and opt to view, for sure. In fact I just assumed something like that would be there at launch and was surprised it wasn't.

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