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Thread: Dimensional Chalkboards... You NEED to make this happen

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    Default Dimensional Chalkboards... You NEED to make this happen

    As I go thru my shard's dimensions, I see so much talent in artistry. Trion you NEED to give visitor's a way to give addaboy's other than +1s to a dimension's creator. Not something to rank them, just something that people can walk in and read (like the guild wall.) I whole-heartedly want to tell some people I absolutely love what made me laugh and what would work great with what.

    When I am bored or just having a bum day, I choose to walk thru a couple dimensions and if one brightens me up a tad because they made a funny pic/face/whatever, I would like them to know it made my day.
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    We had message walls in PSU, where you could leave messages for the creator. I don't think you could make them public, but hey, why not give people the option to have them public if they wanted? That'd be awesome. I like this.
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    Default Feedback

    How about an instance version of a mailbox, tied into the dimension? Give each dimension a separate mail address like characters. Then when you use the box in the dimension it sends it to that account. Could also tie it into the +\-1.

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    *bump* great idea!
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    I'd love this, I'd also love if we could have signs where we could write a little - like for doors and such - so we can explain a bit about what someone is watching or just contribute to the immersion.

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