1 Items:
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3 general stuff:

1 items:
Defiant/empryan/crucian technology, ie droids constructs etc. All faction/places listed have alot of items used to make the area feel"SIFIish" so why cant we get more then a stasis tube?

NPC guards. Guardian npcs, defiant npcs, planar guards, faction guards etc. We can place NPCs in our dimension why not ones that just look like guards?

NPC assistants. NPCS that when talked to can do a couple of tasks, such as grab drinks, this weapon, fight you, or just generally fiddle with set intractable dimension item.

Readable library. Players collect books and other items that we can actually read, why not have a place to put em?

Set intractable items, from stasis tubes to carnival mini games, things that can do a few things based on item and accessibility.

Pet pens, so many pets, but can only have one out in the real world, why not have the rest of them waiting for you at home?

Mount pens, similar in idea to the pet pen.

spiral stair case, self explanatory.

Crafting stalls self explanatory.

Vendors, vendors from set factions/ crafting areas.

Porticolum. A portal that has a CD and twice the price of normal ones but is able to go to any portal like normal ports.

Pictures of various zones/places/people.

Design-able items/ such as you buy a shield and can design your "coat of arms" as it is.

Guild designed banners.

Pictures that you can take in rift and use in side a portrait frame IE self portraits etc.

Cape/gear/weapon racks/wall hanging. A place to show off your armour sets that you onc had or specialty capes from quests crafting etc.


2 edit mode:

A grid set up kinda of like the sims. Re doing an entire floor is a pain with having to rotate, move, size, and raise/lower each square individual and granted there's copy mode it is still a task to do.

A angle input bar. IE rotate (set item) by 90 degrees to the right/left/up/down etc..the circles are horrid to work with.


3 general stuff.

The ability to preview dimensions before purchase. I lsot 2k plat buy random ones that SOUNDED nice but i really didn't like and am now stuck with.

More buy-able space. After say level 5 upgrade your dimension boarders get larger. I can barely get into the tunnel that leads down to under necropolis but a wall there, losing the best space in that area.