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Thread: Dimension Item Suggestions

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    Default Dimension Item Suggestions

    I love the dimensions and you developers have been working hard I know, I just have some friendly suggestions. Here is hoping you peek on in this thread.

    First off, Fae Yule started today, I'm so glad. I really like the holiday and snowy themes, so here are some suggestions related to this:
    • The snow environmental effect happening in the main cities.
    • More types of lights, strings of lights, candles and multiple colors.
    • Snow building blocks, tiles, boxes, pillars.
    • Snow covered rocks, trees, sacks, mailboxes, lights
    • Cloud covered sky projector
    • Holiday themed bushes, poinsettias and holly
    • Small glittery stars or lights, motes or sparkles.

    Other suggestions for dimension items.
    • Individual weapons we can place, like axes, staves and swords.
    • Usable mailboxes
    • Placeable skulls, animal skins and portions of food like meats or a tomato.
    • Dinnerware, plates, goblets, forks and the like.
    • Scrolls, brooms, Wine Bottles, boxes/crates, crafting themed items, cloth rolls or bellows

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my suggestions

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    Most of the things on your first list ARE available for dimensions already. There are 2 new dimension NPCs (one is automatically available, one you unlock via Instant Adventures).

    Things that already exist on the second list:
    • Boxes/crates/bags
    • Bottles/jars
    • Banners (mostly craftable)
    • Books (not scrolls, but still cool - there are several varieties)
    • Skeleton bits (just the rib cage so far, and yeah, it has a tail

    Things not on the list provided by the OP that I'd like to add:
    • Farm animals and fish (not interactive ones... just the regular non-targetable critters that hang out on farms and in lakes throughout Telara)
    • Earth mounds (think "fresh grave" or "newly planted row of veggies")
    • Tools. A kitchen knife is cool, but there's no spoon to stir the pot, no shovel or rake for the garden, no sword to run through a dummy so it looks "in use"... things like that.
    • Skeleton bits (skull from OP list is cool, but a random bone or skeleton hand to tuck here and there would be "fun" in a place like necropolis)
    • Shucked clothing (like a coat or a hat laying around, or some boots to drop by the door)
    • Headstones
    • Sleeping bags (there's one on the ground behind the Necropolis quartermaster)
    • Pillows (altho burlap bags make a reasonable substitute, some decorative pillows might be nice as well)
    • Boats with the "floating" graphic used on other items (like barrels and water lillies - it looks a bit strange that everything in the water floats except the boats).
    • Chains/Ropes (coiled and in a "line" to use to connect things or make bridge "handrails", etc)
    • The ability to add signs with words (without using 200 pcs of X item to fake it)
    • Stretchability in items (ex: I don't need an overall larger staircase... I just need a longer one)

    <3 Dimensions - best new way to waste time in the game when I don't feel like chasing down random Rift mobs. Thank you for puttin them in, Trion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by efitall View Post
    [*]Stretchability in items (ex: I don't need an overall larger staircase... I just need a longer one)


    The bane of my existence.

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