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    Did a quick search and I didn't see this, so here goes -

    Dimensions can be a bit costly for the bigger ones. Many players will not know what a given Dimension is, and is unable to get there or even simply has no idea where it is. Also for the ones placed inside instances it can often be unfeasible to wander inside to take a look.
    And this is all while not knowing where exactly the boundaries are for each dimension, by looking at the Real-Telara equivalent.

    My suggestion is to put a preview option on Dimensions, so we know what we're getting for our money with every purchase - shelling out 900p for a Dimension then finding out it's not what you expected or wanted... rather would suck. It would be cool to put a "preview price" on them, a couple/few plat perhaps, if it's decided needed.

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    There are hundreds of personal dimensions of every shade and flavor. Many of which have minimal placements at the moment. If you are curious what you get with a dimension go take a look at others. It is almost painless - you can still drown, but you do not take falling damage and there are no mobs.

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