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Thread: Adding Crafting stations to Dimensions...

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    Default Adding Crafting stations to Dimensions...

    Just a thought, maybe adding either in a guild or personal Dimension, having the option to add "Crafting stations" such as a loom, forge, workbench and laboratory to either or both dimensions. Maybe a base price of like 200P per for guild, and 50P per for personal dimensions. I think this would be a great addition, considering people will to be able to stop what they are doing and go to their dimension craft, and go back to what they were doing, without having to port back to a city. I think this would be a great way of one, making people happy for the convenience, and two, making more people want to start their own dimensions as well. Hopefully I have added some good insight, and I am sure that this has already been thought of, but just in case, I figured I would share my idea. Thanks

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    I've been hearing that "the reason" that crafting stations aren't available for dimensions is so that cities will still be populated. Regardless, I would still like to see crafting stations available for dimensions, even if they decide to place some sort of limit like you can only have 1 type of station per dimension.
    If not for the enjoyment of being able to craft in my own 'home', then I would greatly appreciate not having to be barraged by the many trolls that hang out around the Faeblight Tempest Bay crafting area while I'm refining several stacks worth of cloth and leather or doing my dailies.

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    Meh, would be nice I guess but so long as we need to buy crap from vendors to craft anything there is really no point. Unless of course they also add some kind of "servant" then sells them.

    Until then I probably wouldnt use em much ...

    Bank Vault/Chest would be much better if they dont have one yet.

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