1. Please consider having the healing dummy passively targeting any of the nearby damage dummies, maybe the closest and place the raid dummy next to him. This will allow target of target DPS to be worked into our practiced rotation.

2. Please allow the healing dummies to have defilers links placed on them. This will let us check out DPS as we heal and when in a pure dps situation. Links are a huge part of the defilers dps output.

I'm thinking #2 is going to lead to extra conditionals and that is sort of bad for just a dummy so probably not worth the risk, but I can't think of issues with 1 at least. Extra props if he is flipping his target to random dummies around him like a drunk tank.

Of course this is super low priority to what other people really need, it's a QOL thing for healing practice, something a new dev team-member could look at when bored to cut his teeth.