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Thread: A thought on 61 Defiler cleanse mechanics

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    Default A thought on 61 Defiler cleanse mechanics

    This is unnecessary for the raid environment where you have multiple healers, or if you are happy healing in souls other than the defiler, but for those who want to heal only 5 man pugs as only a 61 defiler, happy to settle on the casual part of the game there is the issue of no AOE cleanse vs that you are a ST healer with it's disadvantages in a sole healer situation.

    If you end up in an AOE debuff heavy fight, like the last normal boss in SBP where every so many seconds your group is hit with a hard AOE debuff that hurts, you have to have a way to clean it up fast without breaking the rhythm needed to maintain heals on the tank/group.

    After each heal the target is just protected for long enough to slip something in, a debuff of your own, a single cleanse or some dps, but this is not enough time to cast out a cleanse on you, the tank, the support and the 2 dps in that order. Those lost GCDs allow the tank/group to die.

    It's not ideal to nerf those debuff heavy and critical fights, no need to have the boss stop or something, that's taking away from the better players, and I also believe that moybe an AOE cleanse isnt the way, as in a raid the defiler should be focussed on the main tank. But a healing soul designed to really just cover the main tank can run out of time when you solo heal.

    What about a precast cleanse? Something you can slip into your rotation before the boss launches his 15 second or whatever it is aoe. Something you could put in the very short space after healing on each member, one by one and just absorbs the bosses next AOE debuff.

    It would not work on targetted debuffs at all. just ones where your group is hit and you need it off super fast. The healer reaction test.

    To make it not cheapen the game it would need to be the sort of thing that had a very quick decay, possibly less than a few seconds or as long as the emote before it. As you count down the next blast in your head you could slip in a pre-cleanse on yourself and the tank and let the boss fire it off then cleanse the 2 dps and support manually.

    The sort of decay I am thinking of would be 2 or 3 GCDs maximum, so not enough to cheapen a raid, just a way to anticipate that blast and make the healer/tank immune enough to absorb the damage as the healer is taken off the main task to manually cleanse/FG/Heal each of the other 3 then return to the tank as his and your health starts dropping once more.

    Not really necessary for other healing classes, they have DOTs or shields or whatever that buy the time to click each person in turn, but the defiler can't stop the rhythm, no time to cleanse.

    Just a thought, aimed to be as least "dumbing down" as possible and really just aimed to overcome a defiler limitation in 5 mans I saw.

    Unless someone knows a tactic to use as a 61 defiler on that boss of course to buy you the time it's the only way I can think of constructively to address the issue outside of a cleanse on you cleansing all your links too?
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    An AE cleanse that works only on your self and links would be pretty cool. Fine for 5 mans but not viable in raids.

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    Default Lets get this thread seen

    Defiler is the only healing spec without an AE cleanse. considering mechanics on some fights it is such a necessity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elenoa View Post
    An AE cleanse that works only on your self and links would be pretty cool. Fine for 5 mans but not viable in raids.
    that would certainly be viable in raids, being able to know that when your cleanse goes off it will always hit the tank and yourself at least would be invaluable it would definitely fit with the soul too something like "cleanses 5 nearby players and all linked targets" would put it on par with other cleanses. it is certainly not overpowered compared to other cleanses either like warden or oracle than cleanse 2 debuffs
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