Temporary abilities, when gained, currently slide down into place over the course of several seconds. This makes activating them rather difficult unless you wait until after it finishes sliding down.

Would it be possible to "anticipate" temporary abilities? In other words, as you enter an area where temporary abilities could be gained, go ahead and have them slide into place in the temporary abilities bar but be grayed out until they are useable. Also, to highlight their becoming active, a glowing border (with border width and color as options for individuals to change based on preference) should be added around the newly activated abilities. This will allow us to see the abilities ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Alternatively, if this particular idea upsets people by making fight strategies too visible, you could simply have the ability appear in place instantly rather than taking several seconds to slide down into its slot. That would make it much easier to use the ability as soon as it becomes available to us rather than trying to follow it with our mouse as it slides down and trying to click and accidentally missing which has the negative side effect of deselecting our current target so that when we finally do manage to click the ability we no longer have the correct target so the ability does not perform its intended function.

Thank you,