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Thread: Ember Ise Open PVP idea?

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    Default Ember Ise Open PVP idea?

    I know some of you have fond memories of Ember Isle, but now when I look at Rift I just don't see why anyone would go there. Maybe snag the mount or a rift event (if anyone even does the old world rift events anymore).
    So how about it becomes a open world pvp map. 3 teams, capture the objectives, and conquer the map over the course of a week or two. If the rift team is particularity snazzy maybe the 3 teams could be 3 different servers, fighting it out on ember Isle.
    We can leave the old quests there and rift events, those who don't want to pvp could choose to not flag themselves or receive a "immunity/pve buff." And we can lively up that zone once again.

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    Maybe do a little bit of remodeling, build up a couple of fortresses around the island, put one in the middle of the Volcano too. Make it give a 10% bonus to exp/favor earned across the faction for whoever controls the most fortresses Guard or Defiant.

    Open world PvP lake with sieges. Go. Conquest 2.0 please? 24/7 Persistant. No Instanced mumbo jumbo.

    I like the Ember Isle map way better than Stillmoor, and I feel like with a little bit of work it could be a great frontier zone.
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