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Thread: Previewing Mounts and Vanity Pets before purchases

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    Default Previewing Mounts and Vanity Pets before purchases

    One thing I never understood is how you can shift left click to "preview" mounts, but then nothing appears. But in general, I don't see why we can't preview mounts before we obtain/purchase them. If we can shift left-click on a mount, we should be able to preview it with our character to see how it would look.

    Some mounts are prettier than others, and just as we wouldn't wear certain wardrobe items because of them being downright ugly, it's the same boat with mounts. Some are just ugly, and sometimes our characters just don't match up with one mount as much as another.

    Some people just collect mounts, whether they use them or not, but I think previewing mounts would be a fantastic thing as it would let us see what we're getting, and either make us excited, or not so excited.

    The same goes for vanity pets. It would be great if we could preview these guys! It would give me and probably others a little push to collect ones that we want more than others.

    In any case, it's nice to be able to see what we're buying.

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    Mounts are preview in the stables near by. With the exception of the Artifact mounts.
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