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    I have characters of all 4 calling.. and more ideas come to mind... flavors which were not made yet .. but are original and i would like to play any of those i will mention. I hope those thread will find eyes of dev and enough likes.

    Mages. I do think, like many others that this calling lack tank or offtank soul. Meet yhe:
    Illusionist or Phantom.
    Mage which specialises on creating duplicates of allies, or himself which will absorb damage and illusions of enemy which will attack himself. Fragile without illusions he could be serious Cc provider and damage mitigator and annoy any enemy with his spells. The only mage which could turn invisible (like rogue) at speed or sp penalty.

    Dervish or Monk.
    Melee mefiocre dps/mitigation balanced char which use kind of martial prowess and faith and spirit to unleash quick attacks. Mitigation focused on dodge and hi resists and anti-cc immunities, and damage focused on very low cds (thus quick attacks) and bonus weapon attacks per ability hit . Plus some long jumps which could be used in combat. And some stuns.

    Aura themed tanky support char which bonuses act bit similar to bard (auras) but constant and have different effect. Fiery Aura - aura that burning enemies around every tick and consumes little power with upgrade of auras for 0 power cost at endlevels. Vitalizong Aura - life aura yhat heals every ally per tick around, Charged Aura - return some percent of damage to enemies attackong allies nearby. Focus on aoe raid buff and power management versus passive auea damage and debuffs.

    Continuing sci fi theme of SL - Flyer, Windcatcher, or Slider.
    Soul which uses SL air ship inspired devices to jump glide around at extreme speeds or for impact damage... Done in manner of Tact cores and also shrtlife span devices which affect.mobilitu, and sourcestone cannon devices which will rise to sky and fire onto certain spot with charged munitions and then explode. Eldrich tech SL inspired mobility and spot specific aoe damage soul
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