Hi I was just thinking about invasions, footholds. I've always loved the idea of Castle Defense or DotA maps. A PvE battleground where players simply MUST work together or become overrun in a situation similar to Castle Defense on the old player-created warcraft 3 maps.

Advance or Retreat based on your numbers or composition up three lanes or however many paths into a building structure or fortified area. Maybe Nexus Infusion could restore walls and doors where only certain types of monsters could break into - maybe Planar Charges are available when a certain type of add is killed, or are somehow otherwise limited to create scaling difficulty, you could make adds-that-drop pulsing planar charges spawn less over time. Enemy summoned footholds could have an attack requring a tank and healer, meaning if you screwed up anywhere then you are seriously going to be at a handicap

Perhaps a ranged team on the wall or watch tower would have to kill Sappers or something that would otherwise blow up certain areas of wall where monsters would surely overrun you if allowed to happen - if their cast times got off. Perhaps the ranged team had to be extra careful to ONLY target the sappers because they are outside the walls in a tower, and if the other monsters aggro them they have very little defense and will need to make a run for it! The rest of the invasions could be generic and otherwise be funneled into a controlled area to give a PvE raid steady oncoming monsters. Multiple tanks or One Epic AoE tank, healers and AoE DPS alike. Maybe throw in mobs that need to be ST burned or kicked too(enemy healers or mages) , again just ways to increase difficulty.

Waves could get harder and harder until the group is overun, and then its over. Collect your score and bonus loot and leave. You can add as many varieties or levels as you want, people would que for this sort of thing ALL DAY LONG. I am thinking in terms of Lesser Planar Drops, where you could insert some really nice stuff for advancing to higher level waves - the sort of thing you could only do with a guild raid or something. I suppose if you did that you would have to make pieces BoP or put a timer on queing for this thing, because it would be THAT addicting. You might want to give PuG players a 5% increase on damage/healing/mitigation to create an environment where people want to and have a reason to PuG into this.

Some people simply can't raid on a scheduele, but they could do this!

Just some ideas. Perhaps you could have an RP scenario where an outpost or some sort of base is Suddenly COMPLETELY surrounded by Rifts, or an extra super major Rift opened right outside it's Moat or whatever. Two Towers LOTR?

I can't believe I have to issue RMAs when someone else gets to think up this sort of thing and get paid for it. lol