Hi, first of all thanks for reading, hope you like the ideas Im suggesting and feel free to add anything you think could improve the idea.

--Player made PVP dimensions--
Basicly this will use the same type of system as the Dimensions currently in-game, but for the sake of keeping it fair the main layout of the "PVP Dimension" must use a already exsisting template (like the warfronts that are in-game).
The player or guild designing the demension(s) would be able to choose decorations, and landscaping to a certain degreee and possibly even the theme (colour scheme & environment).

These PVP dimensions could be used for anything from a 1 on 1 duel or a massive Guild vs Guild battle.
Which brings us to my next idea.

--PVP Guild vs Guild--
Using Warfront and custom PVP Dimensions (mentioned above) Guilds wage war on one another to climb The Guild PVP Ranking Ladder.
For fairness the Guild teams would need to be balanced and of equal level.

Prizes could be given out to the guild who holds one of the top positions (like an in-game pet, special dimension items or my personal choice a 1 of a kind cape for your guild to wear and to show off your PVP skills).

If you like any part of this idea, please show your support
Once again thanks for reading and I hope you all like this.