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Thread: 1-click terrain bug reporting

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    Default 1-click terrain bug reporting

    I'm not sure how much Trion is worried about fixing things like floating rocks, but there are quite a few of them floating around the expansion. Originally, I reported them when found (which, frankly, seemed like every two minutes), but the whole process of opening the support window, picking terrain, copying my /loc, describing the problem, etc, got to be a pain.

    I propose that--for at least a few months following a major landmass addition--a simple, 1-click process be created to report terrain defects. Clicking said button (or typing a command if you don't want to make interface changes) would automatically send a player's /loc data and a screenshot (minus UI if possible) to Trion, eliminating the need for players to manually enter the data and describe the problem. This would dramatically increase the number of world terrain bug reports and (assuming they're fixed) help give the expansion a more polished, professional look.
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    Someone told me once that your location information is attached when you file a bug report, so if you just stand on it and submit the bug report and say "Floating X at my location" it should be fine. I usually just do a /loc and type it out anyway just in case. It would be nice if a Trion rep could confirm if we need to type out the loc or even describe the location at all.

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    Maybe the rocks are supposed to be floating? It is "Storm Legion" afterall - you know, air element Unless the ore is floating and can't be reached, who cares...
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    I wouldn't hold my breath on this. Trion has expressed a whole boat load of doesn't care on them.

    Ember Isle still has a ton, many of them obvious., that I've been told were reported back as far as when WI only existed on the PTS.
    Stillmoor has spawned broken rifts for 6 months at least where one more more critter is trapped underground.

    Now I can accept one or two of these may be due to specific computer configurations but they seem to be commiserated often enough they should be able to be reproduced by Trion.

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