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Thread: guild quests

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    Default guild quests

    please please oh please give us new guild quests to do
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    There's new quests to do when you get to level 21, unless you mean give new quests as you can't do two of the Guild quests at the moment?

    To elaborate, this week, a level 21 Guild will get:

    1: Seal 75 Rifts of at least level 51.....easy, done in a few hours

    2: Kill 3,000 players and cap 250 extractors in Conquest...slight problem, no Conquest

    3: Run Storm Breaker Protocol 0/10 ...again, slight problem, SBP is locked atm and can't be done

    So right now, my Guild cannot do two out of the three Guild quests, yes three, it seems now that both Guardian and Defiants get the exact same three Guild quests so you cannot no longer pick up six

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