So personally i would like to see better animations, have warriors have a different duel wield animation than rogues, and a different 2than hand animation than clerics, while mages and clerics have different spell animations, so we can feel a little different than the other people out there, have a little bit more immersion with our characters.

Also, hand weapons would be a fun addition, punching instead of slicing, everyone wants to punch a dragon in the face once in a while. Or hit a goblin in the face.

Also quests with twists and turns, maybe even a cutscene or two, with the option to skip, phased quest lines would be nice too, its not very fun to go kill 20 wolves just to have them respawn in 2 seconds, makes you feel less important, like you're not actually doing anything. And if you have completed it and join a group to help some one you join their phase.

Just my thoughts