Onslaughts are great fun but at the moment they are abused in order to level quickly. To summerise the issues with onslaughts (even after the hotfix):

- Used as an alternative to levelling through NPC farming.
- People group and AFK, levelling without being at the computer.
- Some onslaughts are vastly preferential than others due to funneling of NPCs (Citizen's Library anyone?).
- repetative, boring and very uninvolved in it's current state.

Solutions to these:

- Make onslaughts have a CD timer once NPCs tire. Perhaps 30mins or an hour before upgrading defences will trigger an onslaught again. (defences will need to downgrade automatically after inactivity if onslaughts are triggered soley this way).

- Onslaughts should offer greatly increased XP/rewards in order to make them attractive but not exploitable.

- Make onslaughts wave based, getting more difficult - similar to the pre-expansion IA event.

Onslaughts should be a compliment to traditional leveling, not an alternative which can be done by AFKing. Some would argue that people could just group up and rotate onslaughts in order to maximise XP gain, I think that is exactly what you want - playing together, across the map overcoming challenges, all contributing. Just my 2 cents but I think it would make onslaughts a much better compliment to the Storm Legion experience.