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Thread: Improving Carnage Options

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    Default Improving Carnage Options

    Here is the state I am currently in: Level 60 Max PA. This means that any Carnage completion I do goes to the Diamond that only stores 5 completions. Which means that I have to complete these carnages, losing xp but gaining the stones and $. So here is a better way I'd like to see the 25 carnages we can have stored in our quest log.

    Step 1. Kill a carnage mob
    Step 2. Carnage quest is added to quest log but is NOT shown as an active quest in the UI (you can have a toggle in settings for this if you like)
    Step 3. You complete the carnage quest. Quest updates in quest log as completed but does not pop up in the diamond UI box. You go to a quest turn in NPC in that zone. Call him something like Huntmaster or Warden. Some kind of title that says "This is my zone and I am responsible for killing all the bad things in it for the safety of our races." Think Aragorn without all the gheyness.

    This allows us to track which carnages we have ongoing thru questlog without cluttering our quest completion 1/5 diamond UI box thingy. This saves people like me xp that we've earned thru simply playing the game.
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    Instead can we make carnage quests semi-repeatable.

    1st time kill x mobs
    2nd time kill 1.5*x mobs
    3rd time kill 3x mobs

    Also can we get the level 59 carnage quests to reward Infinity Stones not Empyreal Sourcestone?
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    I would love better organization of Carnages in general.

    I dislike the auto-add as well, as it makes it hard to stay even leveling with someone when you can accidentally tag a mob while out gathering or exploring and end up with a quest in your log. Your only options are to keep slowly progressing, or to constantly remove it each time it comes up.

    Without specific quest-hubs as well, it's also harder to organize your questing when you've got Carnages randomly popping up all over the place, and easily missable. With straight hubs, it's a bit easier to say, "Okay, let's do these, they send us here." With Carnages, you can't simply loot at the map and plot, and we've spent a lot more time backtracking and jumping around, since we can't specifically know what the others in the part are on as easily as you can if you're following traditional hub-questing.

    They're a solid concept, the execution is lacking.
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