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Thread: Feedback from returning player re: $$$

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    Default Feedback from returning player re: $$$

    Hello Trion,

    I love Rift, I recommend it often, and am just returning from a standard absence of several months. Having experienced the game with fresh eyes due to my break, I have some constructive feedback and suggestions to offer regarding currency, and it's impact on the (my) game experience.

    Basically, what I'm feeling is that currency is something of a barrier to entry. Money seems to accumulate very slowly; meanwhile, desirable objects like mounts, wardrobe slots and dimensions seem to vary from pretty expensive to "holy crap I'll never afford that." Other objects are only obtainable via events and if you miss one, forget it.

    And there's still multiple, multiple forms of currency to keep track of and try to make sense of. You need planarite for this, plat for that, special marks for those. And these drop is small numbers too.

    For example, some of my recent reactions upon returning:

    "Dimensions seem cool, In like this -- 1500 plat? I have 42 plat right now. OK, never mind."

    "Ah, this helmet is exactly what I have been looking -- ah, you need summer event marks to get it. I have stockpiles of old marks from past events cluttering up my inventory, but no way to convert them. OK, never mind."

    "I desperately need new storage -- ugh, it's going to take forever at the rate I'm earning plat."

    "OK, if I recall, I have some high-level ascended powers I still need to get - ugh, it takes so long to earn planarite..."

    Note I haven't tried the auction house in the couple days I've been back -- mainly because it paid off so poorly in the past that I switched over to vendoring everything. Which, by the way, I do - I sell all my mats. I'll try the auction house again, as it may have been a down period last time, but regardless I have some suggestions/thoughts:

    1. Why not switch over to a single currency, like Eve? Honestly, I think this would help a great deal. Make the one currency planarite and make it a day. PVP, dungeons, PVE, rifts - make them all pay off varying amounts of planarite, and then apply an appropriate planarite cost to every item. This what, no matter what activity you choose to participate in, you're making money toward the particular thing you want to by. I get the concept for having PVP currency for PVP and rift currency for rifts and so on - it's to encourage people to participate in those things. But I suggest that the game will be more enjoyable if people have full freedom to do what they want, when they want, without the artificial shackles of currency that only works for a specific "path" of gameplay.

    2. Jack up the drop rates! Whether you consolidate to planarite or keep the current system, I think currency of all kinds drops or is paid out in far to small of amounts compared to the price of NPC purchases. For me at least, advancing my character through acquisitions such as new mounts, dimensions, storage, wardrobes, etc. seems like a big grind and makes me question whether it's worth the bother. I'm here to close rifts and fight invasions - but it seems like there's a lot of work ahead of me instead.

    3. Turn on auto loot in PVP. This one I'm not even sure about, as having to hand-loot corpses in PVP is a strategic decision - if you're looting, you're not murdering other players after all. However, I'm left marveling at the end of each round how much coin is left on the battlefield. And all of it would add up, reducing the feeling of endless grind if all of it was automatically sucked up and distributed.

    4. This would be taken care of if #1 was implemented, but if not: add a way to convert old special event currency into another currency, so you can buy whatever you want. I don't like feeling like I'm forced to log in on a developer's schedule in order to not fall permanently behind. Give me the ability to catch up. Don't put permanent barriers in front of me that will cause me to wonder if its better to just stick with GW2.

    I'm sure, if anyone bothers to respond, it will be with nothing but "I make tons of $$$ every second" and "L2P," but that's the Web for you. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Currency

    Yeah, I too find the cost of a lot of things is way beyond what I'll ever be able to afford.

    Dimensions was one of the big draws of SL for me, but as a new player the cost is just way too high for me to get the one I want, let alone decorate it. I've levelled my main up to 55 (sent all my cash over from 3 lvl 30 alts), and only earnt 700plat between the lot.

    That's by putting as much stuff as can on the AH, and only using quest gear. I'm doing as many quests as I can for cash too, and my income still sucks. An yes, I'm pure gatherer.
    If I didn't have my CE mount, I'd probably have lost hope while levelling up tbh.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not unsubbing. I love Rift and plan to stay for ages, but what's the point in having such cash sinks in the game without people actually having the cash to dump into them!?

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    Okay, so you earn all that plat while leveling. You buy the 150% mount, and you buy the most expensive dimension.

    ...now what?

    These things are not supposed to be easily obtained. AH's are ripe for money making at the beginning of an expansion. I spend about 1 hour a day farming various crafting materials, and have easily made over 1k plat in the week since I hit 60. And many people would say I missed the boat of the first couple weeks! Now, do I want the fast mount and a sweet dimension? Yes, but personally I chose to invest in crafted gear to make dungeons and raids and solo farming more doable. Something about cakes and eating them.

    Take advantage of the markets now and make your plat, or don't and just accept that you will have to earn these status symbols slowly over time.

    I'm not going to touch the idea of a unified currency. It will never happen.
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    I play the AH as much as I can afford to, although being on Icewatch market prices on stuff are really low. Great if you're buying, not so good if you're looking to sell.

    I'll earn enough to buy what I want eventually. But when you go to a rep vendor and see mounts for 1000 plat it's a bit disheartening. And how much does something like the biggest dimension cost to buy and maximise the space? Not less than 1k plat I think.

    And a mount as a status symbol? Not in my opinion. More of a necessity considering the size of some of the new zones. Could you imagine trying to reach zone events fast enough without a fast one, let alone on foot. Boom, more stuff missed out on.

    I understand the need to have cash sinks for high level players, just can't understand how stuff like dimensions are advertised to bring new players to the game, then effectively denied to them due to the ridiculous cost.
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