One of the downsides of the existing ignore feature is that it's very much one way.
The person being ignored - if being unpleasant in public chat - isn't getting any feedback that folks are putting them on ignore, vs in a more face-to-face situation when they would clearly be left alone surrounded by people who completely ignore them, and hence would modify their behaviour.

What I'd like to roughly propose is a feedback system of sorts to attempt to mimic f2f.
* a "social" pane on a character page would give indicative ranges of the numbers of persons (vs toons, tho this could go either way) who have them on /ignore. eg 1-19, 20-50, 50+ and so on.

The idea being to generate a level of feedback to people that perhaps their audience isn't quite as large as they expected.

Of course some will see this as a challenge and go for the biggest ignore list.

Thus we could allow players to subscribe to "bandings", or none.
Person A has a low threshold for fools, and chooses the '5-19 ignores' banding, such that anyone in that group of ignores automatically is ignored for purposes of chat, say, tell and so on. not for dungeon grouping and the like.
New players would auto subscribe to the "complete tools" banding, only those ignored by the vast majority of players would be so classified.
Said bandings could be less explicit on numbers, and instead be mildly derogatory with generic descriptive names: Annoying; Muppet; Foulness; Compete Tool etc

Conditions would need to apply:
* not be an immediate thing, so as to provide some measure of obfuscation
* aging; such that players who've not logged on in (say) a month, maintain their ignore lists, but that list can no longer impact a persons "count"
* aging: add a feature that a person /ignore'd will auto drop off ignore after X days/weeks - I'd suggest it should be 1-2 weeks as a default value
* aging: per above, but with a lock feature to perma put people on /ignore
The aging features being somewhat necessary as it would be fairly hard for a fool to get themselves off such a banding. Which is as it should be, but I was ever optimistic and hopeful that even fools can learn.

Yes this does open itself to a level of malicious behaviour, in that a larger group of players could conspire to get a given player added to the default "complete tools" banding. Flip side, they could largely do this with the current system; and to be frank, what's the point of having a target that's completely ignored if you can't see their tears to drink.
But checks and balances of sorts are likely needed. ie, if 80+% of ignores to a person are from a single guild, then the value of those ignores are slashed (say) 90%.

Again, this is just a rough outline of ideas that have been coming at me from multiple sources over several weeks; but I throw it out there so see what folks make of it.