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Thread: Let alts start at a level higher than 1

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    Default Let alts start at a level higher than 1

    As per title,

    Now we have an expansion, anyone who already has at least one level 60 character should be able to start an alt at, hmm say 40? At any rate, some level a lot higher than one, if they so choose.

    I know many of you like the levelling experience, as I do myself the first few times. I already have 3 characters , one soon to be 60, the others between 50 and 60. I'm intrigued by the new warrior soul (the one class I don't have) but really can't face the idea of levelling all the way from 1.

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    I just want my unnerfed xp pots back for my alt

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    1-40 takes a whopping day these days and your xp pots still work.

    I would personally like to see an eq type xp boost to alts so that they level quicker. If not that i'll take a wow type boa item xp boost type thing. I swear i will grind out any currency for months just so that i can buy xp boost armor.
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