First, there is a bug when opening a Workbench on a character that has both Weaponsmithing and Artificing. Common sense indicates that Artificing should be the selected skill, but Weaponsmithing always comes up. This gets irritating pretty quickly when I work on Artificing (which only uses the workbench AFAIK).

However, the main pain point is the initial scrolling behavior of the crafting window. When you open the window, it always scrolls down to the first recipe that you can make. Problems with this:
  • 99.999% of the time, this is NOT the recipe I want to make
  • This disorients me, because I'm not sure how far up or down I need to scroll to find what I do want to make.
  • Sometimes I will start scrolling while it is still doing the initial scroll to first create-able recipe, and it does this really frustrating elastic scrolling thing: I scrolls the direction I specify (usually up), but then it rubber bands back down towards the first create-able recipe. I have to wait for it to finish before I can actually scroll up.

So basically, this feature is worse than useless; it's actually detrimental to user experience.

Ideally, I would like it to just remember my last scroll position and selected item (not slow-scroll to it, just it be instantly scrolled and selected when I open the window). I often find myself opening and closing the crafting window several times before making an item (to see if I have the ingredients, to verify that I have enough ingredients after I buy them, then to buy "fuels", then to actually make the item). So in this case, it remembering the last position is optimal, and even if I want to make a different recipe, it's no worse than the current behavior.

As an aside, I think the crafting UI itself has a lot of room for improvement (e.g. recipe search by stat, type, etc.). But in this post I'm only proposing of minor tweaks which make major improvements in quality of life.