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Thread: Add in a Race Change or possibly Faction

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    Default Add in a Race Change or possibly Faction

    A faction change would probably never happen with the fact you can go cross-faction on PVE shards but it might be worth looking into so you can keep a consistent theme with your characters. I have a Guardian toon or two that are high level and I sometimes wish I had made them Defiant instead, even if it doesn't matter anymore.

    I would really like a race change option though purchaseable from the Depot. As long as it's reasonably priced (say around the same as the name change, it should include a name change as well) and not ridiculously overpriced like WoW. Race might not provide any tangible benefit but sometimes I feel like I should have rolled a different race for my toon sometimes and I don't really feel like throwing away all the work I've put in to get the race I want.

    Might be something to consider.

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    Its has been alot of posts about Race change and Faction change.. alot of people want it and some dont, but trion havent said anything about this option so either it will take awhile before we get this thing or it will never happen

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