Nothing pressing, but I really like the idea of this talent and would like to use it more in combination with other abilities in the chloromancer soul. I'm not finding that the healing bonus from the buff given the length it lasts is worthwhile to even use the talent. I would simply use a heal in place of applying the link and then using another ability to proc the symbiosis heal, or aoe heal, or cleanse, or aoe damage heal.

If Symbiosis lasted longer, or had a greater effect, or did something else in conjunction like cleanse or pass some damage to the mage or a speed boost or some other buff then I would toss it in the mix. Or the bonus heal can be reduced and then Symbiosis could be a lasting buff on its target.

In any event I love the idea, and for a second to last attainable ability in the chloro soul I would like to utilize it more.

Thank you