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Thread: Revamp mounts and speed boosts

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    Default Revamp mounts and speed boosts

    A simple revamp: Instead of fixing specific speeds to specific mounts, create tiered mount speed and stability abilities or equippable items and have the mount models themselves simply act as skins. This would allow players greater flexibility in the mount models they can use instead of restricting them to new mounts or the multi-tier, speed-scaling mounts.

    Put another way, I just want to ride a plain old horse, but I don't want to ride around at 60% when I could be riding at 150%.

    Also, change stability from a verbal to a numerical value. Skittish? Steadfast? Attuned? Nobody really understands what sort of values or tiers those are.

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    Unless I'm greatly mistaken, the skittish/steadfast is just part of the description, they always give a numerical speed value later in the description, and the "skittish" part has no real value in regards to % chance to be dismounted as you might surmise from the word.

    As to your first point, I would prefer instead of them going the route of other games and giving a riding skill that needs to be trained, that they make EVERY mount attuned to scale to the speed of your fastest mount, or giving them a default speed for their tier.

    We currently have:
    60% (green)
    90% (blue)
    110% (first epic)
    130% (second epic)
    150% (third epic)

    Obtain all the green mounts you want, including the specialty spindrel/tiger/tartagon mounts, they'll all still be 60%, until you obtain a mount at a higher speed, then all of your mounts go that speed.
    You obtain your first epic mount, all of your blue and green mounts scale up, and so on.

    On the subject of rarity, I think that the epic attuned mounts like the crocnard/landslide/cyclone/mossy tartagon should either have their rarity reclassified if they are to stay at a default 60% speed, or have their default scaled up to match their rarity.

    I currently have 42 mounts, I'd certainly like to see more of them than just the epic/attuned ones.

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    I'm all for scaling up mounts to match the fastest we own, but if that happens I'd like to have a slider in the options menu to adjust my mount speed. It's a pain having to do the stop-and-go thing when playing with a lower level friend.

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