Tour Guide UI Addition

With everything available in Rift and all the added content that's come since Storm Legion, I think it'd be really beneficial to have a UI guide/breakdown added for Hunt, Raid and Regular Rifts.

When I'm working through Hunt Rifts, I have to search my Achievements just to discover which ones I've already completed. Same goes for all those different rifts that spawn through the various zones, both new and old. There's just so many, it's near impossible to keep track of without scrolling through multiple achievement categories to determine what I've accomplished. Why not find a way to consolidate information about the game's namesake and introduce a method of easily tracking our goals?

My suggestion is a Rift breakdown panel.

The panel is broken down into different categories, and further divided into sub-categories.

Hunt Rifts: 5 subcategories, one for each of the 5 ranks of HR's. Each entry in the subcategory provides a photo of the boss (just a face (much like our own character portraits) and short description of why we're after him. Background color of the portrait denotes element type.

Regular Rifts: Categorized by either element, level range or zone, again with a portrait of the boss and a short bio about what the goals of this invasion are.

As we complete each specific rift, the entry for the boss/rift is shaded out, checkmarked or colored a dull red to indicate completion.

With a UI panel dedicated to rifts and our progress, it's a lot easier for players to recognize what they need and just how much they're missing. It also provides the developers an opportunity to expand the lore by introducing brief stories behind each and every tyrant, lord, leader or lackey who dares invade our world.

Your thoughts?