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Thread: [UI] Dimensions - Positions/rotations/etc.

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    Default [UI] Dimensions - Positions/rotations/etc.

    Hi there!

    I'd like to see some changes in the Dimension UI for editing/placing items.

    Currently, the movement and rotation is terrible. Why it was done that way, I'll never know. 3 point sliders and a 3 point rotational system? It can NEVER be made to be exactly precise.

    What I'd like is a coordinate and rotation by degrees - on an X-Y axis.

    I don't want the object to skew when I rotate it, having to rotate another section to bring it back in line.

    If the rotation points swivelled with the object - so that it always rotates properly, that would also be great.

    I cannot get the accuracy out of my guild and personal dimensions that I want to achieve. It's impossible to get the walls of places exactly vertical and so you end up with bits crossing over, etc etc.

    Please look into giving us the following in Dimensions as a higher priority;

    ---- Move selected object Left/Right/Up/Down by: X.XXX coordinates.

    ++ Set selected object scale to: XX.XX%

    == Rotate X Axis by: XXX.XXX degrees (Green)
    == Rotate Y Axis by: XXX.XXX degrees (Blue)
    == Rotate Z Axis by: XXX.XXX degrees (Red)
    == Note: Being able to rotate objects by 90 etc etc - would be awesome. Perfectionists like myself will be very happy with this.

    Tuldio Sun Orb - Guild Dimension. Widen the green barrier - you can get stuck if you fall down the back of the wall near the entrance - VERY inconvenient.

    Low Priority, but would be nice!

    -- Object-Snapping would be great. Object snap to other objects.
    -- Anti Guild Dimension Stuck button. Click stuck button to port you directly to the entrance of the Guild Dimesnsion (Where you spawn in) and likewise for your personal ones.
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