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Thread: New Service - Swap Tradeskills Between Characters

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    Default New Service - Swap Tradeskills Between Characters

    I would like the capability to swap trade-related skills and their corresponding recipes between characters. It would be acceptable for it to be a "for pay" service like the character rename service. Example: I currently have Butchering on my mage and Outfitting on my rogue. I would like to trade them so that my rogue has butchering and my mage has Outfitting.

    Reasoning: At launch, I made decisions on mains and tradeskills without having all the facts nor being able to predict the classes I would find most enjoyable nor the direction crafting would take. Early indications were that crafting alts would be infeasible due to most recipe drops being BoP at the time. (Now most seem to be BoE.) So I made a choice figuring I would only have one crafting character; my main. Since then, not only have I changed mains, but I have also made crafting alts for all crafts. There have also been significant investments in recipes (including 1-time world event recipes) that I would not want to lose, so the only feasible way to make a change would be to have them transferred between characters.

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    I'm not against the idea, but can see a few concerns.

    First being I wouldn't make it a real money option. Make it something multiplicative of the skills you want to swap in terms of plat, but anything over 1000 I'd consider a bit excessive.

    Second involves marks/tokens. I could see someone building up a bunch of tokens on their destination character while buying what they could on their current, then swapping over and basically getting double the progress. I'd say if a change is made, the tradeskill currency on both characters gets wiped.

    Third is just a general cooldown. I'd say a month imposed on affected characters.

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    made this exact post yesterday i think. i am in the same boat and would be willing for a cash price tag to do so. i have capped (300) apothecary and runecrafting on my war that i would like to switch to my mage. since the war class has been bent over so many times recently, and it is not getting any better, i most likely will never play it again. i feel i am entitled since i put the time in on a character i wanted to play which is not worth playing anymore.

    would not care about wiping marks at this point.

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