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Thread: Dimension Items suggestion box

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    Default Dimension Items suggestion box

    Heya, thought i start a thread where people can suggest what items to implement in dimensions in future updates.

    Also if items suggested already is obtainable in game, people can point their fellow dimensions addicts in the right direction

    So here is some suggestions from me.

    # Iron/stone golems, perfect as inanimate guards to place around your mansion.

    # Chandeliers, i know there is lamps you can buy that hangs from the ceiling, but is there bigger more elaborate versions?

    # Wavy roof tiles

    # Pipes, copper/iron/clay.. no idea what to use them for at this moment , but ...

    # Guard NPC's Guardian/defiant/neutral?

    # Food stuff , like big shanks of meat, bread etc, in case you want to make a kitchen in your house, or maybe even make you dimension into a tavern.

    # Wall mounted weapons

    # skulls/heads for the more morbid ambiance

    Well some few suggestions, what do you want to see in dimensions??

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    I hope we see lots more added. I feel our selections are pretty limited.

    * More rug models (I saw a Celtic Knot rug I liked)

    * Gift boxes (would be great to add to the Fae Yule event vendor)

    * Telescope that didn't make it out of beta

    Oh man, I know I have thought of other things and can think of more. I'll post back later.
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