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Thread: Auto scaling ascended level option

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    Default Auto scaling ascended level option

    Id first like to say that Trion is BRILLIANT for giving us the option to scale ourselves downward to revisit old content and get level appropriate experience for it

    I hated how everything in WoW was so easy to outlevel and I missed out on so much I wanted to do during the levelling process. If I did too many dungeons, whole zones became useless. If I quested too much, I outlevelled dungeons. Etc.

    I also love the way instant adventures and dungeons auto scale. For the same reason of course.

    Now, my suggestion is to add an option to maintain a mob level appropriate level scaling. A constantly self adjusting mentor level option for those (like myself) who like to maintain a challenging experience without having to constantly lower or slightly raise mentor level.

    I realise that one can simply keep an eye on mobs and adjust yourself accordingly, but there are many times (particularly during zone invasions) where I would be battling a lvl 11-12 rift, travel 100 yards to a neighboring rift and not realise it was 14-15 until im a little overwhelmed. Or even the reverse, where I run up to a neighboring rift thats a few levels lower and im facerolling it before I realise the level drop.

    Mobs surrounding rifts can also frequently be levels below a rifts mobs.

    I dont think this would require much effort to put into place since the code is written for such scaling in many other current game features. All that would be necessary would be to use the same scaling technique while soloing.

    I love a challenge, and there are a lot of times where I enjoy revisiting silverwood or gloamwood to close rifts and defeat invasions at the appropriate level for that content, and I think an autoscale option would be really convenient

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    Totally agree with OP.

    I wonder how much extra code would be required to not only scale mentored players to the surrounding mobs, but to actually remove those abilities not normally gained at the level.

    Were it possible to do so, a real challange could be enjoyed.

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    The mentor idea is 'BRILLIANT' however it is unfinished by far from my perspective. I have a mage level 60 and I went down to a low lvl (14) for an IA in Silverwood. Everything was ok about stats, but I am a lvl 14 character with lvl 60 spells and soul points (with the effects scaled down ofc.).

    How can you call this a challenge as you once had when you were lvl 14 for real with lvl 14 spells/soul points?

    Generally speaking, the mobs from that area are designed for a 'real' lvl 14 player to be able to handle it and not a lvl 60 mentored to lvl 14.

    But as you said the idea is amazing however they have to work out a lot of things which won't be easy to code.

    With all these said your suggestion for mentor is a good one.
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