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Thread: Please change the warfront level brackets.

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    Default Please change the warfront level brackets.

    Trion/ rift players when you go into a warfront and get schooled by everyone 9 levels higher then you because they are open to a lot more dungeons and gear opportunities and alot more skills to beat you with can you please make the bracket a 5 level difference so that it would be alot fairer and make it alot funner then getting one shotted this would also balance warfronts out and make it more reliable on the teams skill and not just there level thanks. If anyone is feeling the same way i do please post comments and maybe this could happen

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    It's split up in 50-54 and 55-59. Below that I'm not sure how the queues would be if you split it up. There is also bolstering in game, which try to even out the levels, but of course higher level players have some more abilities than the lower level ones.

    After max level the game try to make ranked WFs, as long as there are people enough queuing up for WFs.

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