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Thread: ====Small Suggestions====

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    Default ====Small Suggestions====

    1st : Wheel Up / Wheel Down Keybindings

    2nd: Faster Crafting/Transformation of materials, Like Leather / Cloth

    3rd: Possibility to add Notes to Gbank categories, Or small description?

    4th: Auto-Loot? Feature? Would be nice to have the same system as when you do rift/invasions to get your loot, Would prolly be doable, And would be really nice to have,

    5th: Instead of having to run back to your dead body, Put a 5 sec cooldown, Then you can Teleport right to where you are dead,
    Would avoid having to think the positioning of graveyard, and avoid boring run backs, maybe make it 10 sec, or i dunno, but it could be interesting

    Thats it for now, Feel free to add any suggestions that could be easy to implement and improve our game experience, even if its already pretty awesome

    Also, Like my post, To make it more viewable

    Sincerely, Exxy <3

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    crafting and breaking of items was already speed up a lot a few months ago

    the g-bank tabs can be renamed from the default by the leader(or whoever else with permissions)

    how is the looting different in dungeons/rifts aside from the fact that the good loot picked up is rolled on?

    you have to run back to your body for a reason, it helps put an incentive not to die
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