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Thread: Containers/Bags as BoA rather soulbound

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    Default Containers/Bags as BoA rather soulbound

    Had this thought this morning when i was replacing all of my old bags to the 28 slot, over from the 22 and 24 slot variants. I think I've had the 22 and 24 slot bags since game launch!

    It would be nice to set bags once equipped from soulbound to bound to account.

    Why? Sometimes you may have alts that could use an extra bag (or five) without having to buy from the AH or craft up another just for another character. Currently, I have five of the old 22 slot bags in my bank, just sitting there, when i could potentially move those bags over to another character if they were BoA.

    Of course, sending these bags to another character would obviously mean it cannot hold items in it.

    Yes, no, maybe so? Probably not one of my brightest ideas, but it's something, right!?

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    i laughed when i saw this post because i had the same idea at about the same time this morning but did not feel like logging out to post
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