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Thread: SUGGESTION: BUFF Invasion bosses

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    Default SUGGESTION: BUFF Invasion bosses

    In the last few days I've done a few zone events in Morban, Ashora, and Infinity. The zone events themselves have been somewhat interesting and drawn out. The one in Morban in particular took quite a bit of time to complete (think EI event complexity).

    But the final bosses are complete lightweights! They die WAY WAY WAAAAY to easy. And this is with nowhere near the expected player population (not everyone is in these zones yet). Also, most people are running around in questing/leveling gear and I'm guessing that 99% of the players aren't even in expert dungeon gear, let alone the new raid and IS gear. Also, a good number of players hitting on the boss were sub-level. There were plenty of 52's, 54's etc taking advantage of guild banners to farm exp. What would it have been like with all 60s', all geared at that, and with twice the number of players?

    Once the population is fully available, and once the population is fully geared, these bosses are going to go down so fast as to be a joke.

    Maybe you (Trion) know this already and have purposefully softened up the bosses for the first couple of weeks as people acclimate to the new content. And maybe you are already planning to amp up the boss' difficulty and HP in coming weeks.

    If not, then please do it. Make these bosses take more than 1 minute to kill.

    As it was today, the run-to-the-boss vs kill-the-boss ratio was about 5:1. Meaning... it took 5 minutes to run across the zone as fast as we could to get to the boss and one minute to kill it.

    It should be the other way around. Please buff these bosses!
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    Think some bosses actually have bugged hp, out of hand I remember the death event boss in Ashora having something like 500k hp and a boss in City Core died literally in 10 seconds after only a few players had reached it (it died before I could check)

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    bosses scale hp with the amount of people in the zone at their spawn time.

    that being said, it is buggy atm and the hotfix didn't fix it enough. I'm assuming Trion is looking further into fixing this.

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    I don't know about you but I mentor down so I can get infinity stones from this event. I don't need anymore Empyreal Stones.

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