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Thread: Dimension Item: Armor rack for wardrobe display!

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    Default Dimension Item: Armor rack for wardrobe display!

    Simple idea, maybe a bit complicated in implementation though. How about an armor rack or mannequin that can be used to display the armor you have equipped either on your person or in one of your wardrobe slots? You'd either have six different mannequin items purchasable/craftable, one for each wardrobe slot, or a single item that can be interacted with once it's down in your dimension and told which set of armor, robes, etc. to display. If you really wanted bonus points, this could just be a dummy with gear slots all its own, and you could equip it with gear (soulbound or otherwise) from your inventory without taking up one of your wardrobe slots for the sake of decoration.

    This would give players a really awesome thing to do with old gearsets that they are retiring, either because the look has run its course or something more awesome has become available in the game. I imagine someone that's been with the game since launch taking a new player on a tour of their dimension, and having a room in there where they have all of their old armor displayed, and each set of gear has a story attached.

    "This is the armor I wore on the day we slew Greenscale," the veteran may say, running his hand along a dented but polished gauntlet, "This is where I took a blow from the beast's own claws. And this blade," the hero hefts a massive two-handed flamberge, "Is the very one that struck the final blow against the dragon. The very sword that, along with all the weapons and efforts of my companions, freed Telara of its menace forever."

    The newbie, agape, observes, "It looks awesome! But it doesn't have very much strength."

    "It was best in slot back in the day, kid! Besides," he slaps the shoulder of his low-level friend, "It's not about the stats. It's about the skill, and it's about the heart. You'll never save the world if all you see is purple pixels and numbers."

    It could be a great moment, and an incredibly personal touch in dimensions however it's implemented. You just can't put a value on that kind of nostalgia.

    What's everybody think?!
    - Daijeen, Faeblight

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    I agree, I am still holding on to my ID gear and blighter gear sets just so I can put them on display if it ever gets implemented

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    Some guildies and I were just talking about something similar the other day, but more of a 'closet' type concept where you could store all of your various wardrobe items that you may not be using in your various wardrobe slots but want to hang on to.

    I think this would encourage even more people to utilize their dimensions!
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    This goes more with an Idea I put in a while back for having some dimension items act like extra storage space while diplaying your items. Having Mannequins that can store your sets together to display. You can place the manaquin and have it show not gear. then you right click it and then store the gear on it that you want to show off. if it was dyed it will show the actual dyes as you wore it. Then you can have weapon racks that will show off your old weapons in the same manner. These Items will take of a Dimension Storage rather then items to show off and will appear as one item as you move them. There are many possibilies here. You can have Shelfs that have say 8 Slots that you can place your lether and cloth on and will show them as stacks of the item you store on it. The Armor racks don't have to change look but you can have a set storage limit added to them.

    Now to this you will need to add a limit to storage space so that no one would put a dimension of 1000 racks to have 8000 space. when you add to many items like this they will just be decorations and there should be a counter for max storage.

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    I love this idea! And as you detailed it could do a lot for the immersion while role-playing as well, not that I'm normally an avid role-player but I like to keep my options open!
    Not having fun? Someone telling you to L2P? Perhaps give this a read? (Courtesy of Seebs)

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