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Thread: New character/wardrobe slot: Tabards

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    Default New character/wardrobe slot: Tabards

    I'd mention the weapon wardrobe slot that so many people have requested as of late, but because of that fact I thought I'd ask about another obvious addition to the wardrobe: Tabards.

    There aren't a whole lot of tabards in the game, but the ones that are in are not all that bad and I don't mind adorning them, in fact sometimes I'd prefer it. The only bad part is, I can never wear a tabard without it replacing my chest piece, and tabards are just for ornamental purposes, so I can't use it as armor. Furthermore, if I have a chest piece on my character chest slot and add a tabard to the wardrobe, if the tabard on the wardrobe is active, it only shows that, which is unfortunate...

    Obvious conclusion: Give tabards a wardrobe slot (and/or a character gear slot), and let it stack WITH your chest piece, whether the piece your showing is character worn directly or wardrobe worn only. Tabards add another level of depth to a persons image (of course it's optional as any other wardrobe).

    Aside from weapon wardrobe's, tabards, to me, is the next obvious addition after capes.

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    Default Sounds awesome

    Id love this. Makes sense. +1

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