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Thread: The Worlds Largest City - How to make it feel alive

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    Default The Worlds Largest City - How to make it feel alive

    Perhaps this thread is a little farfetched seeing it's directly after a big expansion, but after seeing Tempest Bay, I see that Trion is not afraid to make larger cities.

    I love Tempest Bay, but I suppose as many MMO cities there's something missing, a few things as a matter of fact. These are things that aren't "necessary" so to speak, as much as they are additions that would make a city feel more alive. These could apply to Tempest Bay, or they could apply to a future city, which I hope is as big or bigger than Tempest Bay.

    One of those is children....where are all the kids? I know many of us are ascended and sort of immortal, but that's not everyone who lives in Telara. Where's little Jimmy and little Sally?!

    Furthermore, no underground? A few tunnels or catacombs with rats, torches, and a black market dealer? And no, I'm not saying mimick Dalaran's "underbelly", but create a dark, foreboding setting that shows the opposite end of a shiny, sparkly city of hopes and ideals. It's true symbolism, and it makes for good variety.

    Additional city sound effects; people talking (hearing conversations of NPC's chatting with other NPC's); people cheering, yelling, auctioneer's trying to reel people in; dogs barking (animals wandering more in general);

    More people going about they're daily chores instead of just standing around aimlessly waiting for the eventual "click" from players to see who they are and what they can give them. Make them more active, more alive!

    Alright some of these things just might not be in Rifts programming, but I suppose it's just a future step that could be taken to make the world feel more alive and immersive.
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