It's a pain when certain builds will have you using great numbers of hour-lasting buffs, and much time needs to be wasted applying them after a death. This change of taking some buffs (not all, just a selected few for each class) off of the global cooldown will simply reduce this annoyance. It isn't much more than that; buffs that one applies before a fight / the ones lasting for an hour.

In a warfront, for example, you may be dying a good number of times. Playing a warfront where mounts are allowed, you will find yourself slowly jogging to get back into battle while applying buffs before you are capable of mounting.

An issue that may occur when changing the global cooldown of buffs would be that it lowers the usefulness of dispels, since buffs are easily applied. People may macro buffs into a certain quick-to-hit keybind (like say their "5" ability that they barely ever use as an example) just to auto-apply a buff should it get purged / dispelled. To cope with this, and to reduce the number of derps that would actually macro off-GCD buffs into certain abilities, the resource costs of the hour-lasting buffs should be increased. This way, it promotes the use of these buffs normally - out of combat after a death where you will regen quickly - instead of using them in battle to drain your power / mana / resource.

Some hour-lasting buffs in this game do exist off of the GCD. For example, the harbinger's blade buffs. I've found it to be very helpful and not annoying to easily throw on that buff and skip that wasted GCD to get into battle quickly.

Thanks to everyone who takes their time to read my suggestion / rant / thing