I've always wondered whether it's been a waste of time to stop what I'm doing and fill out a beta feedback report using the in-game bug reporting system. I've used it many many times, and I've written several detailed and precise writeups of the issues that I've seen along the way. The recent topic regarding dissapearing dimension items brings into question if bug reports are actually read or not. I reported several different facets of that particular issue during the SL betas that apparantly did not receive any action from the devs. I can't imagine just how totally overwhelmed the devs might have been prior to SL launch, but this was a pretty serious issue. Hand-placed dimensional items that arbitrarily change or vanish altogether is definitely a Bad Thing!

Another such bug report that has never been fixed involves a very obvious visible glitch that's been in-game since the early betas of Chocolate Rift from January 2011. After each patch, I go to this one particular spot and check to see if the issue has finally been resolved. And to this very day it still hasn't been fixed.

It's a very minor glitch to be sure, but here are the details...

If you are a Guardian, go to the Argent Glade/Quicksilver College area in Silverwood. In particular, go to the "crafting barn" where the cloth and apothecary crafters are located. You'll notice a female guard that patrols back and forth in an L-shaped pattern. She turns west and faces Quicksilver College and walks toward the door. Watch what happens when she crosses the door threshold! She momentarily falls through the floor, and then pops back up again. This poor guard has been falling through that floor for nearly two years now!!!

I reported this glitch multiple times in the original betas as well as post-launch, saying to Trion...
"Please, Dear Trion! Give me a sign! Show me that you are reading my bug reports and that this isn't all just a waste of time! Pretty Please?!?!"
How hard could it be to put an invisible barrier across the floor to keep her from falling through the ground?

The point being– by fixing this issue, it would show once and for all that yes, it is indeed worth our time to submit bug reports. As it stands right now, there are far too many issues that I know I've reported that still haven't been fixed. And overall, it makes me doubt the usefulness of feedback process.

PS. Another un-fixed bug report/suggestion... /LOL still doesn't emit a sound if you are doing anything other than standing still with your weapons sheathed. That's another one that I've submitted several times as well as posting about it on the suggestions forum.