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Thread: Suggestion Time :)

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    Default Suggestion Time :)

    So, I've been sending in "feedback" via the in-game client when I get an idea. I've also decided to start writing them down, so I can post them here. Figured, why not, and see if anyone else likes them too. I'm sure some of them have been mentioned before, some maybe not. I'm too lazy to edit my list, so here goes, in no particular order.

    1. Sort Unknown for pattern vendors: We can sort from trainers what we do and don't know, it would be great if we could do the same to the vendors. It can be difficult or time consuming to check to see if we missed a pattern, or if something new might have been added.
    2. Change the icon for "imbued leather" to not look like soulhide, & Reinforced Leather to not look like Thick Hide.
    3. An "Are you sure" confirmation would be nice for runbreaking epics.
    4. Corrupted Soul & Malformed Soul should stack to 99.
    5. Allow Master Marks to be traded in for Artisan's Marks.
    6. Would be handy to be able to look into the profession books of our guild mates without needing them to link it, or to even be online. (Could be done through the roster maybe)
    7. Please add Shipment options to Lanzan, Chiffon, & Empyrean Silk.

    1. Add "hide/show" mobile for friends list! We can do it for guild, why not friends list?
    2. Would be cool if friends / ignore lists were account bound.
    3. Events Channel should be default join, or at least put something some where easy to find for people to KNOW it's there. Like the LFG Channel, I'm sure more people would use it if they knew it was there!
    4. An in-game Calendar would be great. One that would allow us to create events / guild events ahead of time for guild mates / invited people, to see. Show which weekend warfronts are when, and even world events would be good too.
    5. Make the LFG channel an auto-join channel, like Zone, Trade, and all the others that join you to them automatically. Most people don't even know /2 LFG is even there, so it doesn't get used. If we auto join it then I'm sure it will be used.
    6. Add "Report Name" and "Report Harassment" with the Right Click options.
    7. Add Looking For Raid feature similar to LFG.

    1. Please! Add weapon slots for our costume! You have been giving us costume weapons but no slots to do it with. If you can make Harbinger turn their mage weapons into wicked 2 handers, why can't you make costume slots? Heck, I don't think most of us will care if the glow effects are removed, to save coding issues.
    2. Add Surnames (last names), or an option to have them.
    3. Allow us to put old event currency into our currency tab. (like those crystals and coins.)
    4. World Event titles should be Account Bound. It can be challenging enough just trying to get them on one character, let alone several.
    5. Achievements account wide.
    6. Allow a Zoom in / out for dressing room / wardrobe.

    1. Add a feature to the Wolrd Event vendor to spend misc. tokens that are not enough to spend on anything, or that we can no longer spend/collect. Maybe for Planar Attunement tokens or something.

    1. Report AFK feature for Conquest: to many people just sit in the base not contributing to the battle. Some use the "I'm crafting" excuse, but still are not really helping with the battle, anyone that dies can quickly craft something and return to the fight. We don't need people spending the entire duration of the battle at the tables.
    2. People who leave Raid in Conquest should be ported out.
    3. Lower Conquest required kills to something like 3000 or 2000.
    4. Allow people be able to opt out of Mercenary for Warfronts.
    5. Allow everyone to mark targets in Warfronts.

    Zones & Events
    1. Allow us to queue for specific Instant Adventures, regardless of level. As a 50, I can queue for Ember Isle / Stillmoor / Shimmersand, while in those zones. However, I cannot queue for Freemarch / Stonefield, while in those zones. I have to either get it via random, or I have to hunt down the group, mentor down next to them, and then it will let me join in. So being able to queue simply from being in the zone would be nice. Would be even better to let us pick from a list on the IA screen (ie being in Meridian and being able to choose to queue for Shimmersand or Silvermoon.)
    2. Some event bosses are still not displaying on the maps, please fix!
    3. It seems that no one wants to do Expert Rifts anymore, and Raid Rifts are dying out too. Maybe if rewards for dailies were increased people might do them more often?
    4. The quest item "Cloudborne Ice Necklace" continues to drop, even after you complete the quest.

    Pets / Mounts
    1. Mounts should scale with our riding skill.
    2. Crocnard Mount should be able to swim without dismounting us.
    3. Make the Crow companion CAW rather then cherp.
    4. RP walk while Mounted.
    5. I would LOVE a wolf mount!
    6. Mounts / Companions account wide.
    7. Please spend more time on Mount rear end art, as that's the part we players have to look at.

    Quality of Life
    1. PVP flags to be REMOVED when you zone into a Dungeon / Raid / Chronicle. For those on PVP shards, it would of course be returned once you zone out. (It works in reverse when you do Warfronts or Conquest so why not?)
    2. Add an option on souls, to unlock, rather then to reset. For those of us who only want to change a few points, rather then having to redo the entire thing. Totally willing to pay for the temp unlock, if we didn't have to redo the entire trees each time.
    3. Add achievement tracking.
    4. Add "reason" box for Vote Kick, so the player calling for the vote kick, can tell people why they are doing it. (ie: player is AFK, player is DC, this guy wont let the tank make pulls, ect ect.)

    1. Move "You do not have a pet" or "You cannot control your pet while mounted" notices into the combat tab. I had to adjust some macros, if my pet died my screen got flooded with the notice, and I was unable to move the notice to a different tab so I wouldn't have to see it.
    2. Allow IPs from Afghanistan for our Troops!
    3. More character slots would be helpful.

    I don't intend for the list to sound like demands, it's just how I happened to write them down.
    These have been put into effect - YAY! Thank You!
    1. Please add an "are you sure" confirmation on the Bag Sorting Button, (or let us disable it.)
    2. Increase the availability of things like Iron Hide.
    3. Add a drink for tanks. The Isle Embrosia is nice, but tanks still need to drink two to fill up.
    4. Let us use any armor type in our wardrobe.
    5. Please add a Favor tracker to the bottom of the PVP vendor windows. (Like we have for Relics.)
    6. Allow us to vendor or runebreak purchased armor we don't need anymore. (ie PVP and the plaques / marks pieces)

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    Oh, I want to add
    • Allow all costume gear / capes to be dyeable
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    Aw come on, some of these are good.
    If I had a super power, it would be the ability to reach through my monitor and slap people.
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    I read through most of it, and I can say most of it I agree with. Nice list, maybe they will take a look
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