Ok, well, it's not here yet (if ever), but I'd like to think that if any MMO deserves a board game, aside from World of Warcraft that got two games with expansions and add-on packs, it's Rift. The reason for this is the rich setting, the diversity of the planes, the original art design, and especially since we just received everything new in Storm Legion, Rift, above all other MMO's, deserves a fun tabletop game. This could be a card game, which could easily work and might be the most cost efficient (perhaps, perhaps not), or a miniatures game with easily paintable figures, or perhaps a lush board game such as the ones currently being published by Fantasy Flight Games.

I play a lot of video games. Sometimes video games appear to work best as video games, while board games work best as board games. If video games spawn board games, some may preceive the tabletop game to be an extra cash sink and nothing more. If anything, it just broadens the possibilities of Telaran adventure (and beyond Telara into the planes and other dimensions).

In case you've been the unfortunate one and do not know how popular board games have been getting these days, check out this page: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ed...nes.asp?eidc=1

These aren't "euro" games (USUALLY well made board games from Europe), but they are often fun, lush with art and components,

www.boardgamegeek.com has an endless database of possible brainstorming ideas as to how a Rift board game or card game could work.

I really think this could work, but I need support from the Rift community. If you read this and you like the idea of any sort of Rift tabletop experience and the endless possibilities it can bring, just respond with your ideas and let me know what you have in mind.

What could work for Rift?

It could also be a pen & paper RPG, which obviously goes hand in hand with Rift being an MMORPG, but sometimes a card game or another sort of board game could be just as effective and enjoyable. It's always fun to enjoy what you love more than one way.